360 VR Media: Immersive Storytelling Hits #ZFF for the First Time by Caitlin Krause

"Its aim is to capture ore of the ambience, and the smaller, often-untold stories that are going on all around us.

To many, that’s the nature of theater — a dynamic between the medium and the audience, and the viewer becomes an active “player”, too.

Enter the world of immersive media, including VR and 360 filming.

By combining coverage of the carpet events, premieres, interviews, scenes, and man-on-the-street/woman-on-the-platz “Humans of Zurich” snapshots, the aim is to create a full tapestry of shared experiences, in an interactive form that a user can jump in and out of, exploring as he or she may wish.

There’s nothing like a film festival to match this theme — the film itself is a VR device, arguably the most popular one of the 20th century. Now, integrating VR and 360 into our own personal spaces creates an amplification of these immersive abilities, in a personalized way. This is essentially why I believe it’s guaranteed to be the human experience of the 21st century — because it fits our human desire (which we’ve had ever since the age of Icarus) to transcend both reality and our own human limitations."

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