We communicate through stories, in our ability to connect with self and others. I actively publish stories, develop VR content, and I coach others in areas of mindfulness, voice, personal expression, writing, leadership and innovation, allowing them to develop their full potential to connect, express, and make a lasting impression.

I host workshops, retreats, and 1:1 coaching in variety of media, including communication via blogs and online content, VR, digital media, and traditional literary formats. I'm a consumer and producer of stories. I often combine writing with photography, especially for press work and creative projects. 

Services include coaching, writing, editing, curating, presentations, publishing, press, documentary and cinematic work in range of forms from prose to verse; available for commissioned and freelance projects. 

"We create who we are. We connect through stories."

Authentic voice, with presence and purpose, reaching from 1:1 to world.