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Eduporium VR Event: #VRinEdu

April 13, 2017: Keynote: Virtual Reality in Education: A Gamechanger, Deeper Than Games

While VR is undoubtedly a “gamechanger,” it goes a lot deeper than that. Virtual reality unlocks new realms of possibility. In education, it lets students and teachers create learning environments that stretch to fit their enormous imaginations —and, they drive the curriculum forward with engagement and active agency!

Sign up and join the event:

Sign up and join the event:

VR has been dubbed an empathy enricher, an immersive 3D simulation tool, and a way to break down complex problems, making them visual and more approachable. It has many benefits in the classroom, including encouraging spatial thinking, complex problem solving, and building storytelling skills.

Come discover the latest VR trends, see what’s happening in classrooms around the globe, connect with peers, play with the gear, and learn how to make your own VR experiences come to life.

This premier hands-on event lets you:
• Learn from expert speakers
• Get interactive with hands-on exhibits and demos
• Network with industry leaders and VR enthusiasts
• Discover all the possibilities of immersive engagement in education

We're excited to host the first event of this kind, connecting educators in this arena and illuminating all of the latest developments in this cutting-edge field.

Featured Speaker:

Caitlin Krause, a noted educational industry expert, has been a teacher and curriculum developer for over a decade, leading interdisciplinary programs that make learning authentic and visible. She is an active member of global education initiatives that promote young women in technology, and she is featured regularly as a speaker at EdTech conferences, including MassCUE, ISTE, BLC, and FETC. Her education skills include embedded design thinking and mindful approaches that support creative, positive learning experiences, contributing to a better world by empowering people with technology and helping them to use it as a connective vehicle. VR expands this possibility by democratizing the field of deep experiential learning. Caitlin founded the company MindWise in 2016, and her book Mindful by Design will be published in the summer of 2017. She is also currently developing a VR learning app.

This interactive discussion will examine Eduporium’s views on VR in K-12 and Higher Education and all participants will have the ability to directly work with leading VR technologies, including Samsung Gear VR, zSpace, and Oculus Rift. The discussion will help you consider and prepare for incorporating VR technology into your classroom assignments, activities, or makerspaces.

This event is hosted by Eduporium, whose overall mission is to provide innovative technology solutions for classrooms, schools, colleges, libraries, and makerspaces. We hope you will join us!

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