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Mindful Leadership: Presence & Connection, TED-style


The theme of "TED-style" is about curiosity-driven ideas worth spreading. We'll be connecting past, present, and future, with plenty to share. As MindWise ( has gone global, I'm thrilled to have been able to join amazing projects and programs (from TED talks to Fab Labs, Wise Leadership, VR, immersive storytelling, neuroscience, mindfulness, presence, Mindful by Design and more). There are some exciting happenings underway, and news to share. I'll give a semi-formal run-down and make some announcements 18:30-19:00; then, open conversation and enjoyment in a great space.

We're happy to share a prime location, connected to mindful embodiment: A "slow food local legend" will be offering different wines, sparkling wines, beers and soft drinks for drinking (also some snacks on the menu: fish tapas, soups, oysters, and sausages).

As Seth Godin would agree, each talk and connection shared is a true gift. Relational trust, embodied movements, it's all on the menu. Looking forward to this gift of time together!