Altitude MindWise® Experiences

Engage • Lead • Connect

Engage with Meaning; Lead with Presence; Connect with Power

Retreats for professional women to reach new levels.

October view from the deck of our Altitude 2017 & Altitude 2018 location, Grindelwald, Switzerland

October view from the deck of our Altitude 2017 & Altitude 2018 location, Grindelwald, Switzerland

What's Your Why?

“Not enough time/energy/capacity to focus on deepening my presence, voice, story and connection” is something I hear a lot of incredible women share, yet most of us need to use these powerful abilities often in our daily lives, which have become a total life fusion as we grow our businesses, passions and leadership roles. Because life has taken on a frenetic pace, with merging of professional and personal arenas, if we feel we are disconnected from our energy, charisma and true stories, we miss opportunities to build connections, relationships and business. And, most critically, we miss the chance to deeply enjoy our own life. Developing these crucial areas is a path to deeper success and fulfillment.


Those who experience Altitude will learn practical techniques so that they will:


§  Access new energy

§  Invite creativity and curiosity, leading to innovation

§  Use mindset practices to engage, decrease stress and increase focus

§  Achieve greater balance, presence and purpose


§  Tap into greater connection and insights

§  Turn negotiation strategy into a way to channel power

§  Maximize outreach online, and at large and small events


§  Discover and hone powerful stories

§  Turn expression techniques into connection engines

§  Connect with an international network, reaching new heights


§  Women who lead teams, organizations and initiatives

§  Professionals, executives, entrepreneurs

§  Women who are looking to grow presence

§  Women who market or manage

§  Those engaged in public speaking, outreach and public events

Accessing True charisma Makes A Difference


We are thrilled to announce the upcoming series of Altitude experiences at an exquisite chalet in the mountains of Grindelwald in the Bernese Alps, October - November 2018. And we want you to be part of it!

Come to experience ways to harness your power, engage with your story, and connect deeply with your own strength and vitality. Join in community with others who want to use best mindsets and presence to make an impact and live their fullest lives.

Our focus is on creativity and design, aligning our natural abilities, hope and happiness with our purpose, drive and action. In this way, we reach deeper insights, and make our passion and presence manifest in the world.

This experience is for women who are driven by curiosity; who are compassionate and inspired by a cause; who are committed to growth and discovery; who seek the best in themselves and each other.

We will address themes including connecting through story, reaching true happiness, embracing ambition, practicing positive mindsets, using negotiation, the power of presence, time and freedom, and online/offline connections and influence for impact.

Circles and Growth

The Altitude theme is connected to the image of a circle, cycles and strength, as we look to use our voices to stretch, grow, and celebrate creative authenticity and inspiration.  

The location could not be more beautiful, with stunning views of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains right from our wraparound porch and sundeck vantages. The luxury chalet in Grindelwald comes with a fully-equipped modern kitchen, fitness room, yoga space, and state-of-the-art amenities.

This exclusive experience is customized and catered to offer women the chance to join, share, and reach new heights. Each cycle is purposefully limited in size, so that each participant has the benefit of personalized connection, and a community that is supportive, like-minded, and equally motivated.

Start with the Why                                                                     Caitlin Krause designs bespoke Altitude experiences to gather together the most motivated participants from around the globe for truly transformative retreats. Caitlin founded the company MindWise in 2016, passionate to bring about experiences for people to connect with their true stories, making an impact personally and professionally. She focuses on bringing people back to humanity through connection, in business and beyond. She has extensive background in education and leadership design, and has led retreats and workshops in Barcelona, Rome, Warsaw, Zurich, Brussels, Berlin, Boston, Orlando, Denver, and coastal Maine. An influential global keynote speaker and TED Talk speaker curator, Caitlin is an expert in the power of mindset, story and connection. She has a B.A. from Duke University and a M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. She studies connections between expression, well-being, leadership and emotional intelligence. Her most recent book, Mindful by Design, published by Corwin Press (January 2019), focuses on design, mindfulness, learning and connection. She founded Mindful Leadership and is a co-founder of the Center of Wise Leadership.


Altitude includes a variety of lengths of experiences, with a choice between a private or shared room. Meals, plus healthy snacks, are included, prepared according to principles of whole-body nutrition and wellness. This is an energy-restoring, rejuvenating time that includes space for reflection and mindfulness, as well as group exercises, movement, sharing and ample fun! The sessions are held in English.


Express your interest in joining an Altitude experience by getting in touch with Caitlin at Applications and questions by email will receive a response within 1 day.

Prices available upon request. 1:1 Altitude focus experiences are also available, for individual sessions. Please contact Caitlin to find out more.

We hope you can join in this transformational experience!

Caitlin E. Krause, CEO & Founder, MindWise® 

Email with inquiries about Altitude — space is limited, and we are accepting applications on a rolling confirmation basis.  

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