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Caitlin E. Krause

- Global education innovation leader, mindfulness consultant, storyteller, VR enthusiast and designer, AI humanist, leadership specialist

- Promotes interdisciplinary learning, STEAM innovation, open inquiry and design thinking strategies

- Passionate about learning and interactive expressive technologies and media, including photography and multimedia art

- Hands-on projects related to mindfulness, virtual words, leadership, resilience, innovation, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, communication, creativity and compassion

- Invested in integrated learning programs and philosophies, teaching and leading global education and interdisciplinary curriculum development worldwide

- Proponent of using virtual experiences to promote connection, empathy, curiosity, and deeper presence. 

- Speaker at Ignite (Mindfulness and Digital Media); Frontend (AI and Factory 2.0); ISTE (mindfulness, creativity and collaboration); Evernote (Mindset and Superheroes); Keynote speaker at MassCUE (EdTech, Presence, Mindfulness and Social Media); FETC; Learning Forward; Building Learning Communities (BLC); and international forums

- Worldwide projects through MindWise, creativity and innovation consulting for the modern global age

- Creator of Mindful Leadership group for organizational leaders, Co-founder of The Center of Wise Leadership

Mindful by Design (book) will be available early 2018 (published by Corwin Press). The book's focus is applying mindfulness across different subjects, showing ways to actively embed practices in personal and professional settings. Curiosity-driven, Caitlin connects mindfulness with design thinking and storytelling elements, to amplify freedom and liberating aspects of focusing on intentionality in learning design. 

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Caitlin Krause


About: Testimonials

It has been an honor and a pleasure being part of Caitlin's presentations both as an educator and an individual. She has offered practical ideas to encourage mindfulness both in the classroom and my personal life. Her presentations are thoughtful, engaging, and empowering. I leave with tools to try out with students that inspire us all to be more mindful in our lives. She has cultivated a community of learners who believe in her message of being aware, advancing, and authentic. Because of her I am more active, curious, and insightful and hope to instill the power of mindfulness in my students and colleagues.  - Rayna Freedman, MassCUE Board of Directors, Educator & Digital Innovator

Caitlin’s graceful speaking style engaged our audience of educators, students and family members start to finish during the talk she gave as part of our Sharon STEM Talk series. She conveyed the concept of mindfulness and its importance in our busy lives with great skill and ease, making the topic accessible to all audience members. By connecting mindfulness with STEM, she helped participants to see how attention to one leads to success in the other. Creativity, problem solving and design thinking flourish with a mindful approach. Using examples from her own experience as an educator, she was able to bring the abstract down to the level of concrete application. Her interactive questioning and activities allowed participants to feel safe and take risks by sharing from the heart. I have also seen Caitlin successfully engage a large audience of educational leaders at our annual MassCUE Spring “Leading Future Learning” Conference and can attest to the fact that she has something valuable to offer to a wide range of audiences. Her content and delivery style are both profound and practical. She takes the concept of mindfulness and brings it down to Earth and out of the clouds of our preconceived notions, making it relevant to daily living. - Cathy Collins, MassCUE PD Chair, NEISTE Vice President and High School Library Media Specialist; NBCT

I love her calm voice, her presence in the room and connection with the audience! It's so easy to listen to her because she paints pictures with her words. Her photographs and lovely illustrations instead of power point slides with bullet points are a highlight. I also love the way she looks on stage, always in a smart looking dress, bringing out her essence and not "hiding behind a corporate suit" like many of us are. She ties in personal stories and pictures, which made it memorable.  I love the mindfulness/flow approach because I don't believe in the push/force way of doing things.  I too believe that we all have super-powers and are indeed superheroes… - Karin Hagelin, Life Crisis Coach

It was really interesting to see Caitlin incorporating thoughts about mindset, communication, and mindfulness. I’m always on fire when I hear about topics which concern life and give me a useful value. Glad that this one did just that! We could feel that Caitlin talks about topics that are important to her and that gives the presentation a wonderful drive. We could see that she was absolutely authentic, even if it made her vulnerable, but she was totally aware of that and that again made her (in my eyes) a strong and courageous human being. She is embodying what she is talking about. - Florian Broggi, Information Technology Specialist

Caitlin took the time to feel into the space, the energy and the people and became very aware of what was needed. She is beautifully living her message. I liked her calmness and flow of her talk, the humour, the moving on the stage and of course the message. Love the one sentence: If I can't understand your perspective, I can't move towards you. - Amber Dubinsky, Business Developer